Ah…Jerusalem on a sunny day!  So lovely.  On the bus, after breakfast to the Mount of Olives for a view on the Temple Mount and Jerusalem. It was packed with people, but Neil managed to find us a spot – what a view!

Neil pointed out the City of David, which was our next stop.  

The City of David is  an archaeological park, the area is home to ongoing excavations and artifacts that bring light to Bible stories of the First Temple Period and the water sources of Jerusalem.  Take the tour with us as we go underground following the steps of our ancestors.  Of course, back then, it was not underground as they walked from the City of David to the Southern Wall,  to the Temple Entrance and the Kotel.  

Single file, step by step, down steps,over rocks, through some puddles and sometimes, we had to turn our bodies sideways to fit through the narrow paths we made through the ancient road.  The rest of day was spent in the Jewish Quarter at the Cardo, Wide Wall and of course, time of lunch and shopping!  Great Day!