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Israel is a very diverse country important to at least four of the world’s major religions, rich in ancient and biblical history and no less of a captivating modern history, unique flora and fauna, diverse landscapes, rich in the arts, culture and sports.



It is also possible to arrange tours to Jordan, Egypt and Sinai before, during or after your Israel tour.



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Ein Gedi

Ein Gedi is a site where tourists and vacationers can see ibex and hyrax as well as a waterfall and  spring in the middle of the Judean Wilderness. The climb to the spring is a great physical challenge that takes about an hour but worth the effort.  At the spring there is a Calcolithic Temple (6000-4500 years ago) with a spectacular view of the Dead Sea and the mountains of Moav. Ein Gedi and the David River are close to another river called the Arugot river where there is an ancient synagogoue mosaic from the 5th century CE (AD) that has insciptions in Aramaic and Hebrew.  The site is a national park and has fresh water to fill waterbottles free of charge and toilet facitlites. It is opened everyday but closes early on Fridays. It is about an hour and 15 minutes from Jerusalem. It is one the the highly recommended touring that you do not need a tourguide in israel but it is recommended.

Israel's Northern Border With Lebanon

When traveling throughout Israel the Northern Border is a place of great natural beauty and very quiet from August 2006. This is a picutre of the border from the Israeli side. It is quiet these days for many reasons: The Hizballah is busy fighting the Sunni Islamic forces in Syria and the UN resolution 1701 prohibits Hizballah forces south of the Litani river. It is highly  recommended to have a licensed Israeli tour guide take you to a few spectacular overlooks into Lebanon. There you can see the Lebenese coutryside and towns that are mainly Shiia Moslems but also a small Christian population and Druze population as well. A Licenced Tour Guide in Israel will know to explain the differences and the events of each village and town.

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